Google has been trying to compete in the social media arena, but so far it hasn't made much progress. One of its latest endeavors is Buzz. Google Buzz is part of Gmail, but it acts like a separate service. Google has been heavily promoting Buzz, so it may end up becoming more popular as a social and self-promotional tool.

Google Buzz allows for long posts that can embed photos and videos, as shown in Figure 11-9. You can create private or public posts and follow the posts of your contacts. Posts in your Buzz stream are often bumped to the top of the list based on who last replied, so the more popular Buzz users tend to dominate the conversation. You can feed Twitter posts into Buzz to allow threaded comments on them, but Buzz posts do not feed back out into Twitter.

Figure 11-9. Google Buzz

Google's Buzz app for Android is a widget that allows for quick posts with photos, location information, and privacy settings. Reading Google Buzz is still handled through the mobile web browser interface, although this is something that will hopefully change with time.

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