Buying and Activating an Android Phone

ChangeWave is a research network that examines technological trends for investors through surveys and focus groups. According to a ChangeWave survey, 6 percent of those surveyed wanted their next phone to run Android in September of 2009. Three months later, 21 percent of users wanted one. Only 4 percent of those surveyed actually had an Android phone. That's quite a leap for an operating system (OS) that was only available on one phone the year prior.

Android is a relative newcomer to the phone market, yet this mobile OS is already being introduced on phones by virtually every phone manufacturer and major US wireless company. It's flexible, fun, and boasts thousands of apps. It doesn't hurt that Google released the OS for free.

In this chapter, you'll learn what to look for when purchasing an Android phone and how to activate and start using your phone. You'll also learn how to read Microsoft Exchange e-mail on your phone, and how to pick a phone with minimal security standards for business use.

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