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One of the more interesting uses for Android has been in devices that aren't even phones. Android powers eBook readers and netbooks (and it could even power your microwave). If you have regular access to Wi-Fi and don't mind taking an extra device with you, you may not need to buy a full smartphone in order to take advantage of Android.

Here's a few of those non-phones powered by Android.

The Alex is a simple eBook reader with an E-ink screen on top and an Android touchscreen on the bottom. E-ink is the patented display technology behind the Amazon Kindle and many other eBook readers. It's a form of electronic paper that looks great in full sunlight and requires low power usage. This device uses Wi-Fi to download books, but it can also run built-in Android apps. This would be a good choice for people familiar with Android on their phone or people who want to give Android a whirl without committing to a phone plan. The Barnes & Noble Nook also runs on Android, but it is heavily modified.

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