Anatomy of a Browser

You can launch Android's web browser through the Browser app. In Android 2.2, the Browser app is at the bottom of the screen, on the right side of the app tray, as shown in Figures 10-6 and 10-8. Initially when you launch the Browser app, you'll see a screen that resembles Figure 10-1.

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Figure 10-1. Android's Browser app

The Browser app does not use tabs for navigation. Instead, the top of the browser shows the current URL and has a bookmarking tool to the right of the URL. The rest of the area renders web pages similarly to most web browsers. However, if a website detects that you're using a mobile browser, you'll generally see a version optimized for mobile devices.

Browser is location aware. That means that Browser can hook into location services on your phone to determine where you are. That might be useful if you want to find local search results or coupons, or it may seem like an invasion of privacy. In order to mitigate this concern, each website must ask permission to determine your location, and you can revoke that permission at any time. I'll discuss how you do that later in this chapter.

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