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Do you want to get SMS reminders for events? You can set this up in the Calendar Settings in the desktop web version of Google Calendar. Go to Settings > Mobile Setup, as shown in Figure 7-8. Fill out your phone number, and verify it by typing in the text message Google texts you. Once you verify your phone number, you'll receive text reminders. Keep in mind that this could cost you money if you don't have unlimited text messaging.

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Notify me on my cell phone:

Start by selecting your country, and then enter your phone number and earner. Finally enter the verification code sent to your phone. Other charges may apply.


Why haven't I received mv verification code? Country:

! Phone notifications disabled.

To enable mobile notifications, complete the information below.

United States

Phone number:

Carrier: See Help Center for supported providers.

What carriers are supported? ( Send Verification Code~)

Verification code: Finish setup

Please enter the verification code sent to your phone

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Figure 7-8. Mobile setup

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