Adding Events

On the Web, you can add events in one of many ways. Quick events can be added by clicking the "Quick add" link and then typing a short description of the event (e.g., "Pick up laundry at seven today" or "Dentist office at 3:00 on April 18" work fine). Click the Add button, and your event will be added to your default calendar.

You can also click any day or time slot, depending on your view, to quickly add an event. In this case, it will already know the date. Just type in a quick description and select the proper calendar from the drop-down menu. You can also add to-do items as a task by clicking a day and then clicking the task link.

You can go into more detail by clicking "Create event" on the left side of the screen. This will bring up a detailed list of options, including what, where, when, whether the event repeats, whether your time should be listed as busy or available, and who should be invited to attend.

If you elect to override the privacy options, you should know that making an event private means it's only visible to people with editing privileges, not that it's only visible to you. Making an event public means you share event details with anyone who would otherwise only see the time as busy. It won't make an event visible in search.

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