Adding Contacts on Your Phone

Although I'm a big fan of using the web interface when possible, it's just not practical to enter every phone number that way. When you're out and about with your phone, you can add contacts by using the Menu button from within your contacts and selecting New Contact.

You can enter as much or as little as you wish. Pressing the green + next to a detail will add more detail items (e.g., you can add more phone numbers or e-mail addresses). You can also break these down to differentiate between work, home, and cell numbers within a single contact.


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Pressing the red - will delete an item. Use this to rid yourself of outdated e-mail addresses. Press the empty gray square where the picture should be, and you can use any picture on your phone's memory. You can also take a quick photo of your contact to include.

Press the More button to add helpful things like notes and nicknames. I like to add nearby landmarks for finding addresses and likes/dislikes for buying gifts.

You can use a similar process to edit contacts. Just press the Menu button while viewing the contact details and select Edit. You can also get there by long-clicking a name in the contact list. You'll see a screen like Figure 4-4, which lets you change your contact details.

Figure 4-4. Adding contacts
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