Figure 11-1. HootSuite

Twidroyd and Touiteur (pronounced Twitter) are also two popular apps with both free and paid versions. Twidroyd was formerly known as Twidroid, but TweetUp changed the name when they purchased it to avoid any branding confusion with the LucasArts trademarked term droid. They also announced that they'd made deals with handset makers to bundle Twidroyd with future phones.

Touiteur offers nice features like trend search, but you must upgrade to the €1.99 (about $2.60) version to upload pictures or manage multiple accounts. Tweetcaster is a $4.99 app with a pleasant user interface that supports saved searches, so you can keep checking on hashtags and keywords. You can also search for nearby tweets to see what's trending in your local community. Seesmic is a full-featured free app that supports multiple accounts and is also available for desktop computers.

Twitter's official app (shown in Figure 11-2) is easy to use and supports all the official Twitter features, such as lists, and @mentions. It also comes with a nice widget, and it looks fantastic. The splash screen, shown in Figure 11-2, has a bird that flaps its wings and lists trending topics. However, the Twitter app doesn't support multiple accounts, and it only works with Android 2.1 and above.

Figure 11-2. Twitter

As you find your favorite Twitter app, keep a few things in mind. Nearly all of them allow you to change how often they check for new tweets. Unless you absolutely, positively must be notified of new tweets, turn this to a reasonable, battery-conserving setting of 30 minutes or longer.

Many apps allow you to use either your own URL-shortening service or use theirs. Pick a service that offers you tracking and metrics, even if you don't think you'll use them just yet. It's easier to have the data than it is to wish you had the data.

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