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The Android PXA270 Platform ported by Mask < cycdisk gmail.com> , http www.mask.org.tw NTUT CSIE Embedded and Parallel Systems Lab. Date 2009 05 15 2009 7, Android 1.0 source code for PXA270 Wen-Chang Chung, The Study and Implementation of Operating System Porting for Android, NTUT CSIE, 2009 pdf


Linux A Embedded Linux Set-Top-Box x86 - MIPS A ARM platform Linux kernel - Linux device driver * Shared Library * Application Build uImage and rootfs.jffs2, then write uImage and rootfs.jffs2 into Flash ROM Build Android root file system and put it into external USB storage Download and Extract The Source Code http www.mask.org.tw data release' sourceforge.tgz Download and Extract The Source Code Download and Extract The Source Code Replace

Create An Ext3 Partition

To u ye 1 iiipiii to this ij ni L rriachiue, press Ctrl G _J U bun tu-Course VMware Player Devices _J U bun tu-Course VMware Player Devices j .Lr' r jJjiifjL Copyright 2009 - 2010 Mask. http www.mask.org.tw Extract Pre-build Android Root File System into USB cont tar zxvf target bin demo.tgz -C media disk To ctoeci input ij this viftoij machine, press Ctrl G.

Bring Up Android on PXA270

Insert External USB Storage on PXA270 F lie Ed t Setup Control Window Help nit started BusyBox vl.13.2 2010-04-27 17 23 22 CST starting pid 848, tty Vetc init.d rcS' starting pid m, tty Vbin sh' BusyBox vl.13.2 2010-04-27 17 23 22 CST built-in shell ash Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands. rootSAndroid Susb 1-1 new fuit speed USB device using pxa27x-ohci and addres usb 1-1 configuration 1 chosen frem 1 choice sesiil SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices ses lt 0 0 0 0...

X8632 cont

Tera Term Comi

Chmod x release-sourceforge android pxa270 scripts bin mkimage Setup Compiling Options This step _could be ignored _ make menuconfig under release-sourceforge android-pxa270 directory Please enter a string value, use the lt TAB gt key to move from the input field to the buttons below it. -i686-pc - linux-gnu. tar, bz2 riux-2 . 6 . 25-androld-l, a rl Android 1.6 SDK, Release Use our pre-build Android root file system directly Compile from our modified Android source code Do you wishjv o save...