This chapter covers

■ Playing audio and video

■ Controlling the camera

■ Recording audio

Today people use their cell phones for almost everything but phone calls, from chatting, to surfing the web, to listening to music, and even to watching live streaming TV. Nowadays cell phones need to support multimedia to even be considered a usable device. In this chapter we are going to look how you can use Android to play audio files, watch video, take pictures, and even record sound.

Android supports multimedia by making use of the open source multimedia system called OpenCORE from PacketVideo Corporation. OpenCORE provides the foundation for Android's media services, which Android wraps in an easy-to-use API.

In this chapter we will look at OpenCORE's architecture and features and then use it via Android's MediaPlayer API to play audio files, take a picture, play videos, and finally record video and audio from the emulator. To begin let's look at Open-CORE's multimedia architecture.

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