Targeting Android

This chapter covers:

■ Examining Android, the open source mobile platform

■ Activating Android

■ Rapidly changing smartphones

You've heard about Android. You've read about Android. Now it is time to begin

Unlocking Android.

Android is the software platform from Google and the Open Handset Alliance that has the potential to revolutionize the global cell phone market. This chapter introduces Android—what it is, and importantly, what it is not. After reading this chapter you will have an understanding of how Android is constructed, how it compares with other offerings in the market and its foundational technologies, plus you'll get a preview of Android application architecture. The chapter concludes with a simple Android application to get things started quickly.

This introductory chapter answers basic questions about what Android is and where it fits. While there are code examples in this chapter, they are not very in-depth—just enough to get a taste for Android application development and to convey the key concepts introduced. Aside from some context-setting discussion in the introductory chapter, this book is about understanding Android's capabilities and

will hopefully inspire you to join the effort to unlock the latent potential in the cell phone of the future.

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