In our trip through the Android telephony-related APIs we covered several important topics. We began with a brief overview of some of the telephony terms, and then we moved on to the Android-specific APIs.

With the APIs we looked at accessing telephony information with the Telephony-Manager, including device and SIM card data and phone state. From there we also addressed hooking in a PhoneStateListener to get updates when the phone state changed and reacting to such events.

Beyond retrieving the data we also looked at dialing the phone using built-in intents and actions, intercepting outgoing phone calls, and using the PhoneNumber-Utils class in several ways. After we covered the standard voice usages, we addressed SMS messaging. Here we looked at how to send and receive SMS messages using the SmsManager and SmsMessage classes.

In the next chapter we turn to the specifics of dealing with notifications and alerts on the Android platform.

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