In this chapter we started with a brief lesson on the background of basic networking concepts, from nodes and addresses to layers and protocols. With that general background in place, we covered details concerning obtaining network status information and showed several different ways to work with the IP networking capabilities of the platform.

In terms of networking we looked at using basic sockets and the package. Then we also examined the included Apache HttpClient API. HTTP is one of the most common, and most important, networking resources available to the Android platform. Using HttpClient we covered a lot of territory in terms of different request types, parameters, headers, authentication, and more. Beyond basic HTTP we also extended into the concepts of POX and REST, and we discussed a bit of SOAP—all of which use HTTP as the transport mechanism.

Now that we have covered a good deal of the networking possibilities, and hopefully given you at least a glint of an idea of what you can do with server-side APIs and integration with Android, we are going to turn to another very important part of the Android world—telephony.

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