Listing 1220 Data definition for tbljobs


'jobid' int (11) NOT NULL auto_increment, <1-A Unique record id

'status' varchar(10) NOT NULL default 'OPEN',

'identifier' varchar(50) NOT NULL, <-© User identification

'address' varchar(50) NOT NULL, 'city' varchar(30) NOT NULL, 'state' varchar(2) NOT NULL, 'zip' varchar (10) NOT NULL, 'customer' varchar(50) NOT NULL, 'product' varchar(50) NOT NULL,

'producturl' varchar(100) NOT NULL, <-© Product URL

'comments' varchar(100) NOT NULL, UNIQUE KEY 'jobid' ('jobid') ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=ascii AUTO_INCREMENT=25 ;

Each row in this table is uniquely identified by the jobid O, which is an auto-incrementing integer field. The identifier field © corresponds to the user ID/email of the assigned mobile technician. The producturl field © is designed to be a specific URL to assist the mobile technician in the field to quickly gain access to helpful information to assist in completing the assigned job.

The next section provides a road map to the server code.

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