B41 The Market rules

Before you put your application on the Market, you should carefully read the developer terms (http://www.android.com/us/developer-distribution-agreement. html) and the content guidelines (http://www.android.com/market/terms/ developer-content-policy.html).

The Market terms cover pricing and payments, returns, license grants, takedowns, and many other important topics that you should be familiar with. The content guidelines further define what is acceptable in terms of subject matter and media (again, there are rules; it's not an entirely open system).

If the Market terms are amenable to you and you plan to post applications, you need to register (which can be done online at the Market website) and have a Google account. There is a small fee to register, but this is minimal and probably worthwhile to allow the Market to associate an identity with an account using an actual payment method (which has contact information).

Once you are set up, you can begin placing your applications in the Market for users to download and install directly.

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