Naively, we thought this book would be completed a year ago. Boy, did we learn a thing or two about what it takes to write a technical book! There were some tense times during the writing of this book, particularly during the conference calls when we were trying to decide how to navigate the numerous SDK updates and indefinite timelines of Android releases. Thankfully those decisions were made, and made well, by the team at Manning.

In particular we'd like to acknowledge and thank those at Manning who helped bring this book about. First, Troy Mott, our acquisitions editor, who was there from the beginning, from the "what if' stages, through helping push us over the goal line; Tom Cirtin, our book editor, who provided input on structure and content; Karen Tegtmeyer, who did all the big and little things to bring the project together; and Mar-jan Bace, our publisher, whose influence is felt in many places in the book. Marjan always wanted to hear what reviewers didn't like in the book—so we could make it better and satisfy our readers. It wasn't easy, but together, we got it done.

Once the book was "done," the next round of work began and special thanks need to go to three individuals: Linda Recktenwald, our copyeditor who made our content readable in cases where it went either "too geek" or where the geek in us tried to be "too literary;" Elizabeth Martin, our proofreader who added the common sense to the project as well as a terrific sense of humor and encouraging attitude; and Jesse Dailey, our technical proofreader who jumped in and validated our technical work, balanced out the xml indentations, and made the text more readable. of course there were many more folks behind the scenes at Manning who did the heavy lifting to bring this book to print, and we are indebted to each and every one of them.

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Thanks also to Dick Wall, who played the dual role of reviewing our work and writing the foreword. And special thanks to the other reviewers who took time out of their busy schedules to read our manuscript at different times during its development: Bruno Lowagie, Hannu Terävä, Maxim Yudin, Dierk König, Michael Martin, Charles Hudson, Gabor Paller, Scott Webster, Aleksey Nudelman, Horaci Macias, Andrew Oswald, Kevin P. Galligan, Chris Gray, and Tyson S. Maxwell.

Lastly, we want to thank the thoughtful and encouraging MEAP subscribers who provided feedback along the way; the book is better thanks to their contributions.

Frank Ableson

I would like to thank Charlie Collins, Robi Sen, and Troy Mott for their contributions, collaboration, and endurance on this project! And to my wife Nikki and children, Julia, Tristan, Natalie, Aidan and Liam—it's done! In particular, I want to thank my son Tristan who was a steady source of encouragement throughout this process, enthusiastically asking how it was going and spurring me toward the finish. Lastly, I would like to thank Barry Quiner and Michael Petrin for their consistent encouragement and friendship.

Charlie Collins

To begin, I would like to thank my coauthors, Frank Ableson and Robi Sen, who worked diligently on this project from the start, and who welcomed me into the fold. It's finally a book, guys; thanks, and congratulations. Additionally, I would like to reiterate my gratitude to everyone at Manning.

I would also like to thank the Open Handset Alliance, and the entire Android team. Having an open, yet concise and focused, mobile platform such as Android is a huge plus for the technological world, and for users. It's not perfect, yet, but it's a long race and the approach and collaboration can't be underestimated. Along the same lines I would like to thank all of the other contributors to the open tools I used to work on this project, including: Ubuntu Linux, OpenOffice, Eclipse, Subversion, GIMP, and Java.

I also want to thank my friends and family, who once again put up with my taking huge amounts of time away from our shared activities to work on a "tech" book. Many of the people I care about the most will probably read this book up to about, well, here—if they ever pick it up at all. If you are one of those people, thanks. Specifically, my wife Erin, and my daughters Skylar and Delaney, were always supportive and even feigned excitement at the right times to keep me going. My parents Earl and Margaret Farmer were instrumental as always. My mountain biking/ fishing/engine building buddy Mike Beringson put up with more than his share of "Sorry, I can't make it" phone calls. And, my neighbors in the cul-de-sac crew also helped get me through it: the Cheathams, the Thomspons, the Crowders, and the Haffs—thanks again to everyone.


Robi Sen

I would like to thank Troy Mott and the team—and everyone at Manning Publications—for their hard work making this book something worth reading. I would like to thank my coauthors, Frank and Charlie, who were great to work with and very understanding when I was the one holding things up. I would also like to thank Jesse Dailey for his technical edits on this book but for assistance with the OpenGL ES samples in chapter 9.

Finally I would like to thank my family who, more of than I liked, had to do without me while I worked on my chapters.

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