You Can Still Sync With the Desktop Sorta

Not all the data on your phone is confined to Gmail, Calendar, or Contacts. You might want to back up pictures, music, and other data files. Or maybe you want to have certain files on your computer moved to your phone. You can sync those files by connecting the phone to your computer using the USB cable that came along with it.

When you connect your phone to your computer in this way, you must first mount the device as a drive; then you can transfer files between the device and the computer. To mount the device, follow these steps:

1. Plug the USB cord into the phone and into the computer. When your computer recognizes the device, a USB icon appears in the status bar of the phone.

2. Pull down the window shade and touch USB Connected in the Notifications area.

3. You're prompted to mount the drive. Touch Mount. The AutoPlay screen for the device should appear on your computer. If it does not, navigate to My Computer to find the device.

After the device is mounted, you can transfer files back and forth between the device and the computer at will using a simple drag and drop method. When you're finished, simply unplug the device, and the files you moved should be on the device or the phone (or both), depending on what you moved.

4. Then you can select which of the applications to sync on the automatic schedule. Place or remove check marks next to the apps you want to sync. You can choose one, a combination, or all of the apps.

5. When you're finished, press the Back key to back out of the menu, leaving the settings in place. You won't find a "save settings" option on the menu; changes are saved automatically when you return to a previous screen.

If you don't want an automatic sync to take place, you can sync apps only when you want to. Go to the same Data Synchronization screen, select the apps you want to sync, and then press the Menu key. A Sync Now option appears at the bottom of the screen, as shown in Figure 3.10. Touch that option to sync data.

Some third-party applications may also have syncing capabilities, but each application determines this differently. Still, if you want to copy other data on your phone over to your computer, or if you want to move data on your computer over to your phone, you can sync that in another way, too.

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