W3C Link Checker for Finding

Broken Links, 239 Washington University, 239 Weather Channel, 251 web applications, 215. See also mobile web applications web browsers, 13, 15 web compatibility, 187 web content design mobile web applications,

233-235 optimizing, 235-239

WebKit, 34, 217-219, 248 CSS support, 233-234 JavaScript support,


WebView, 216-217, 223

white spots, troubleshooting, 257

Wi-Fi networks, 45, 86-94

window shades, 51


IDEs, configuring, 193-195 Live Messenger, 35 wireless controls screen, 87 data plans, 91 devices, connecting, 88

World Wide Web Consortium (w3.org), 238

Yahoo! Messenger, 35 YouTube, 16, 36, 161

accessing, 161-162 navigating, 162-163

Zimmerly, Bill, 250 Zoom controls, 147 ZooVision, 164

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Video Marketing Traffic Tactics

Video Marketing Traffic Tactics

Within this guide you will be learning some of the following tactcis Demonstrate how to use your products, Give a complete and accurate picture of what you are selling, Convey how important the customer is to you, Demonstrate the unique qualities of your product, Put testimonials in your video, Back up your printed information with the video, Use every aspect of video, Make it compelling, Think hard about how your video is presented, Reuse old video to make something new, Keep your video professional, Do not overwhelm the consumer, Tailor the video to your target market, Get creative, Place it wisely and much more.

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