Watching Videos with You Tube

Probably one of the hottest mobile applications right now is videos. From pod-casts to music videos, everyone is watching videos on their mobile devices—or, at least, they wish they could watch videos on their mobile devices. With the Android phone, you can watch videos through the YouTube application.

As good as that sounds, the video applications with Android phone have limitations and playback of those videos you have recorded. The only video playback installed on the device is the YouTube application. If you want to download and view other videos such as television shows and movies, you have to find a third-party application at the Android Market that will give you those capabilities.

Those applications do exist, but some of them have strict requirements for what you can play; check carefully before you download one. One of the better video players is simply called Video Player by Jeff Hamilton. This application plays MPEG 4 files or 3GPP files with H.264 or H.263 protocols (these are just format protocols). It also plays MP3, AAC, and AMR audio files.

Video Marketing Traffic Tactics

Video Marketing Traffic Tactics

Within this guide you will be learning some of the following tactcis Demonstrate how to use your products, Give a complete and accurate picture of what you are selling, Convey how important the customer is to you, Demonstrate the unique qualities of your product, Put testimonials in your video, Back up your printed information with the video, Use every aspect of video, Make it compelling, Think hard about how your video is presented, Reuse old video to make something new, Keep your video professional, Do not overwhelm the consumer, Tailor the video to your target market, Get creative, Place it wisely and much more.

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