Using Music Controls

After you select a song to play, you'll see playback controls and information about the song displayed, including, if available, the name of the artist, the song, and the album, along with the album cover. A time display advances throughout the song so you can see how far into the song you are. Volume controls for the device speaker are located on the side of the unit, in the same place as your ring volume controls.

Buttons enable you to pause the music, skip forward to the next track, or skip back to the previous track. Three other buttons in the upper-right quadrant of the screen (see Figure 8.3) might not be immediately recognizable: Playlist takes you to the playlist display, Shuffle shuffles the playlist, and Repeat repeats the current song.

Play/Pause Back One Track


The music player has a variety of onscreen controls.

As with nearly all the applications on the Android phone, the music player has another menu available when you press the Menu key. This menu contains the following options:

■ Library—Takes you back to the main Library screen. The song that's playing when you touch the Library button continues to play, and the name and artist information displays at the bottom of the Library screen. Touch the artist's name to return to the song display.

■ Party Shuffle—Shuffles the songs on your device, no matter what playlist they're on—think of it as a global shuffle option. If you're in the middle of a song when you touch this option, the song that's playing stops and a new song begins. Also, the Shuffle button changes to display a green globelike icon indicating that the Party Shuffle option has been activated.

Some of these same controls are also available directly from the song title, artist, or album. A long touch on a song title opens a menu that gives you these options for a song: Play, Add to Playlist, Use As Ringtone, and Delete.

One last option for controlling your music is the window shade control. You're not forced to keep the music player open while your music is playing: You can move on to other things or simply return to the home screen. The music continues to play, and a music control appears in the notification area at the top of the screen.

When you're ready to change songs, turn off the music, or control it in any other way, pull down the window shade and touch the music control shown in Figure 8.4. That takes you back to the main song control screen that appeared when the music started playing.

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