UIApplication Exerciser Monkey

If the name of this tool brings a picture of a monkey clicking and playing with your application without any knowledge on what is happening, you've got it right. This tool tests your application by generating random events such as clicks and touches, to stress-test your application.

For example, running the command adb shell monkey -p com.android.camera 500 generates 500 random events to the camera application in the emulator (see Figure 11.23). You can see the camera application invoked in the emulator and random options in the camera application are selected and clicked. Similarly, you can generate random events to stress-test your application.

|C;MJsers'>.Prasanna>adb shell monkey -p com.android.camera 500 Ix daemon not running, starting it now x Ix daemon started successfully *

// activityResumingfcom,android.camera) // act i v i t y Res um i ng(com.andro i d.camera) // activityResumingicom.android.camera) SS act iv ityResumi ng(com.andro id,camera) // act ivi tyResum i ng(com.andro id.camera)

FIGURE 11.23_

Running UI/Application Exerciser Monkey.

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