Troubleshooting Device Issues

My phone doesn't ring for cellphone calls, but it does ring for landline calls. What did I do wrong?

You might not have done anything wrong. It could be a problem with the phone or just a bug. One way to see if it's a bug is to power off the phone and remove the battery. Allow the phone to sit without the battery for about 30 seconds, and then put the battery back in place and reboot the phone. After the boot sequence, have different people call you from landline and cellphones to see if the problem has corrected itself. If not, take your phone to the dealer from which you purchased the phone.

My device doesn't see my wireless network. What can I do?

Check to ensure that your phone's wireless radio is enabled. Wireless should be enabled straight out of the box, but if you've changed any settings, you might have turned it off. To ensure that your wireless radio is on, from the Home screen, touch the Menu button and select Settings. Select Wireless Controls and ensure that the Wi-Fi option is selected. That enables the wireless capabilities, and you should now be able to detect your wireless network.

If enabling the phone's wireless capabilities is not the problem, you could have a hardware issue with your wireless capabilities. Take your phone to the dealer where you purchased it. There may also be a problem with the wireless network to which you are trying to connect. Ensure that the network is up and running and that you have permission to access it. If you're still having issues, contact the network administrator.

My screen froze and won't advance. What's wrong?

A screen freeze is usually caused by a conflict or application crash. Try powering off the device and then powering it back on. That should fix the problem. If the phone is locked up and won't power off, remove the battery from the back of the device. Then reinsert it and reboot the phone. The screen should then work normally.

I changed the ringtones for my calls, and now my message notifications don't work. How do I reset them?

Message notifications are tied to the ringtone that you have set on the phone. Unless you set them separately, the notifications that you receive for email messages will be the same as the notifications that you receive for appointments and calls on your phone.

To set ringtones in each application, open the application and go to the settings screen. There you should see a ringtone option that enables you to change the ringtone for that specific application.

My screen is too bright. How do I fix it?

If your screen is too bright (or too dull), it's probably just a settings issue. Press the Menu key and then select Settings. On the settings screen, touch Sound & Display and then scroll to the bottom of the screen. Touch Brightness and then use the slider to adjust the brightness of the screen until you're satisfied.

There's no way to adjust the brightness of the backlighting on the keyboard, though.

I pressed the camera button, but the camera won't start. How do I fix it?

The camera won't start with a single button press. As part of a precaution to keep the camera from being accidentally activated, you must press and hold the camera button to activate the camera. Alternatively, you can put a link to the camera icon on your Home screen so you don't have to use the button.

My screen has black/white spots. How do I get rid of them?

Black or white spots on your screen are a good indication that there are dead pixels on the screen. Sometimes when pixels seem dead, they're actually just stuck. Try running a video onscreen that has quick color changes over a 2- or 3-minute span. If the pixel is simply stuck, this might unstick it.

More likely, the pixel truly is dead. If that's the case, either you have to live with these dead pixels or you can try getting a replacement device from the carrier that sold it to you. Fortunately, not many instances of dead pixels have been reported on the T-Mobile G1.

I need to take the battery out of my phone, but I can't figure out how to get the back off. Can you help?

The back of the G1 is fitted tightly to the rest of the device housing. However, it just snaps off. To take the back off the phone, open the keyboard and grasp the latch for the back of the device. Gently lift back, away from the phone body, until the back pops off.

It definitely feels like you're going to break the back of the phone, but this is how the battery cover is meant to be removed. As long as you're moving gently and not snapping off the cover, you should be able to remove it with no issues.

My calls aren't ringing through, and I don't get a missed call message. What's wrong?

It's probably a network issue. You can take the phone to the dealer from which you purchased it, but it's less time consuming to call the wireless carrier first and ask if they're experiencing problems with the network.

How do I update my device firmware?

If you're using a phone that's on the original wireless carrier's network, any firmware updates released are automatically delivered to your phone. The updates download automatically during a low traffic time; when the update has finished, you'll receive notification that it has been installed. You'll probably have to reboot the device to complete the update.

If you're using a device that has been unlocked for another wireless carrier, you might not receive over-the-air updates. Some over-the-air updates are placed on the Web, and you'll need to download and install them on your phone manually. However, not all updates are placed on the Web. This is one of the reasons why we don't recommend unlocking the phone for other networks.

The battery gets hot while the phone is charging. Is there a way to cool it down?

It's not uncommon for the battery to get warm while the phone is charging. However, if the phone gets hot to the touch or too hot to handle, unplug it immediately and take it to your nearest wireless dealer.

I don't get even a full day's use out of my phone. Is something wrong with my battery?

The batteries for the T-Mobile G1 are notoriously short in life. If you're using the phone to talk, message, and use wireless and GPS radios on, you might not get a full day's use out of the phone. You can extend the life of your battery by turning off all nonessential processes (such as wireless or GPS) when they're not in use. You might want to consider larger-capacity batteries, too— talk to your dealer or search the Internet for "G1 extended battery."

Cellphone batteries also tend to lose energy life over time. If you've had your phone for a while, that could be the problem. Replacing the battery with a new OEM (original equipment manufacturer) should provide better battery life. Make sure the battery you choose is original equipment, however, as knock-offs (while cheaper) could damage your phone.

I can access the Android Market when I connect via my wireless network, but not when I try using 3G.

Some carriers require you to prove that you are authorized before they allow you to make your first connection. This is usually a simple process they can fix for you when you call them.

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