Spell Checking

Websites that have spelling and grammatical errors also appear unprofessional. Good web development involves passing all textual content through spell-checking tools, such as those found in the commonly used Office suites. With content separated from the presentation portions of a website, it is a much easier task to pass the textual content through these tools without having to worry about HTML tags such as <span> getting flagged as a spelling error.

Many content management systems (CMS) are available for download and/or purchase, to simplify the task of maintaining a complex website. Good content management systems are web based, which means that they use the web for content generation. For example, they might allow reporters to type their columns in a web form (perhaps on the spot using Android), spell-check them, and save them so that a human editor can later edit them. Finally, they can be released for public display when ready.

Many university-based websites, such as those of Washington University (in St. Louis, Missouri) and Indiana University, use CMS to manage the entire website remotely via the Web. If you visit these websites, you can see the common, template-based design that the CMS enforces.

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