A whole world of options is available in the Settings option within the More option of the browser menu.

An extensive menu appears when you touch the Settings option. It enables you to make adjustments to Page Content settings, Privacy settings, Security settings, and Advanced settings.

Page Content Settings

Page Content settings are pretty basic. The first option you have is Text Size. This enables you to adjust the text on a displayed web page to Tiny, Small, Normal, Large, or Huge. Just touch the text size that you want to use and then touch OK to set it. You might want to play with it to find the size that works best for you.

Your next option is Block Pop-Up Windows. Just place a check mark in the checkbox to the right of the option to turn on pop-up blocking, or remove the check mark to turn it off. Some websites require you to disable pop-up blocking to interact with the site, but we recommend that you keep pop-up blocking enabled unless you're on a site for which you know you need to disable it.

Phishers and other cybercriminals often use pop-ups to load malware to your system or to entice you to provide personal information that they use to commit identity theft.

Phishers are cybercriminals that "fish"around trying to collect bits and pieces of your personal information for the purposes of stealing your identity. These criminals might use emails to entice you to send personal information such as usernames and passwords, or even credit card or banking information online. When you do, the criminal collects it, resells it to someone else, who uses it for their own personal financial gain, no matter what the cost to you.

Load Images is another option in the Page Content settings. This option determines whether images on web pages are automatically loaded. For the best web experience, enable Load Images; for the fastest experience, disable it.

In the past, surfing the Web on a mobile device was a painful process because you got either scaled-down pages meant for mobile surfing or pages that weren't made to display on small screens. The reflowing capability of the Android phone makes surfing the Web on your device a more pleasant experience. However, if you don't want pages that are automatically scaled to fit your screen, you can manage that feature through the Auto-Fit Pages option. Turn on the option to reflow pages to your device size; turn it off to show the original size of the page. Just be aware that with the Auto-Fit option turned off, you need to do a lot more left-to-right scrolling.

The capability to access JavaScript content in the browser is another Android phone feature that makes surfing the web more enjoyable. JavaScript content provides richer capabilities when searching online. However, some people worry that it can be a security risk. If you're one of those people, you can turn JavaScript off (or back on) using the Enable JavaScript option.

As you're navigating the Web, you might find it frustrating that pages opening in a new window appear in front of the page you were surfing on. Remember that you can switch between windows. You can also enable the Open in Background option to open new windows behind the page that you're currently visiting. This enables you to finish your surfing on the page that you're viewing before you're forced to move on to the next window.

The last option in the Page Content settings window is Set Home Page. If you have a favorite website that you want to use as your home page, you can set that up here. Just touch the option, and the Set Home Page window appears, as shown in Figure 5.18. Type the URL of the web page that you want to use as your home page into the box provided and select OK to save it. The next time you open your browser, you'll be taken to that page instead of the default home page.

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