Reading Messages

You'll see two types of messages displayed on this screen: messages that you've read and messages that you haven't. The messages you've read appear in normal typeface. Those you haven't read are displayed in bold.

To read a message, touch the message subject. The message appears onscreen with one important security function. Even messages that have embedded images do not automatically display the images. As Figure 6.5 shows, when a message has images to display, a Preview button appears. Touch the button to display the images.

BHD« 3:53 PM I

Inbox (0}

> lames, Me, Jen {6)


FW: THE MOM SONG - You h...

> Me, JK, Tammy, Jen (24)


Android Intro


» Me, Midi el le {2)


Sorry, I forgot the attachmen..

» Me, Michelle (2)

Messages are displayed with images disabled so that they load faster and protect you from embedded malware. Touch the button to display images.

When you open your Gmail account, youll see your messages displayed onscreen. Unread messages are bold.


Messages that are text only also display differently than messages with images embedded in them. A text-only message scales to display on your device screen, whereas messages that have images embedded in them don't. This means you have to do more scrolling to see the included images.

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