Other GPS Capabilities

In addition to the mapping capabilities of the Android-based phone, other applications take advantage of the device's GPS capabilities. For example, third-party applications for weather enable you to find the current weather conditions and future weather forecasts based on GPS-provided location.

Other applications, such as GasBot, use your location (based on your GPS reading) to help you find the lowest gas prices near you. BreadCrumbz lets you create trail maps for places you travel to, using the GPS system to mark your location. You can upload photos and other information about that location so that others can see what's there or share your experiences in that particular spot.

Finally, an application called Follow Me enables you to register your device so that others can track it on the Web. You can use this application for social networking in the real world, or you can use it for things such as tracking your teenager's location so you know where he is at all times. This is the beginning of applications that take advantage of the GPS system on your Android-enabled phone. Over time, more applications will become available. When they do, they'll increase the richness of your interaction with the world.

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