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We think Gmail works great for mobile devices, but not everyone will like it. You might prefer to use a different email service. The other email option on the Android phone works with just about any available web-based email application. You can set up most of those accounts automatically in a couple steps.

To set up an email account, follow these steps:

1. From the applications menu, touch Email.

2. A welcome message appears. Read the message and touch Next.

3. Enter the Email Address and Password information in the space provided for the account that you want to set up. Then touch Next.

4. The application attempts to set up your account automatically. In most cases, this succeeds the first time. If the application prompts you to enter the account settings manually, the email service that you're trying to set up should have a document available that lists the correct manual settings to apply.

5. When you've established the account, a setup screen appears, similar to the one shown in Figure 6.16. Enter a name for the account and then touch Next. On the next screen you'll be prompted to type your name as you want it displayed on outgoing emails. Then touch Done.

Now your email account is set up. In most cases, the process really is that easy. You then move to the inbox for the account. But that's not where your message and customization capabilities end.

When you're in the Inbox, you have many of the same capabilities that you saw earlier with Gmail. Press the Menu key to open a menu of options:

■ Refresh—Refreshes your view of the inbox to see if you've received additional messages.

■ Compose—Opens a blank email to compose and send.

Accounts—Takes you back to your account view, where you can interact with the different accounts you've created. Long-touch an account name to open a menu of options for that account. Account Settings—Enables you to adjust settings for the account in which you are viewing the menu.

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FIGURE 6.16_

Give your email account a name, and add your password, then select Next to continue setup.

FIGURE 6.16_

Give your email account a name, and add your password, then select Next to continue setup.

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