Navigating a Video

When you find the video that you want to view, touch the title of the video; it loads and begins to play. Controls for the video briefly appear onscreen, as shown in Figure 8.8. These controls enable you to skip back or forward in the video and to pause the video or restart it after a pause. A yellow bar at the bottom of the screen shows the progress of the video and the time remaining.

These controls automatically hide if you don't access them for a few seconds. To make them reappear, touch the screen.

A set of controls also appears when you press the Menu key while a video is playing:

■ Favorite—Adds a video to your favorites list.

■ Details—Takes you to a page that displays information about the title and content of the video, as well as the number of views, its length, its publisher, the date added, and the permanent URL for the video. Below this information is a list of related videos.

■ Share—Opens a Gmail message with the permanent URL for the video in the body of the message.

■ Comments—Opens a list of comments other YouTube visitors have made about the video.

■ Home Page—Returns you to the YouTube home page.



The onscreen controls enable you to pause or play a video or skip it forward or backward.

As time passes, new third-party applications might give you more options (such as recording video and uploading it to YouTube directly from your device), so check out the different video recording and playback options in the Android Market. Remember to check back often, too—developers are constantly updating the offerings at the Market.

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