Multimedia Messages

Multimedia messages include pictures or audio attachments. With the Android phone, sending a multimedia message starts either through the text message interface or directly from the file you want to send.

To start in the text message interface, follow these steps:

1. From the Home screen or the applications menu, touch Messaging.

2. Choose a person to send the message to from your existing message threads, or touch New Message to start a new thread.

3. Enter the recipient information and the text that you want to send in the message. Then press the Menu button.

4. Select Attach from the menu options. Another pop-out menu appears, as shown in Figure 3.6.

5. Select the type of media you want to attach from the available formats: Pictures, Camera, Video Audio, Record Audio, Slideshow. An appropriate menu for the chosen selection appears. Table 3.1 details the options you have for each media type.

6. Follow the onscreen prompts to attach the file. Then touch the Send option. The message sends just like a text message, showing the same sent or not sent icons you would see with a plain text message, and appears in your text message threads.

Capture Picture This option opens the camera for you, to take a picture to send. Take the picture and then touch Select This Picture to send it, or, if you're not happy with the photo, touch Capture New Picture to take it again.

Audio This opens your audio file. Select the file you want to attach and touch OK to return to the message-composing screen. Note that you cannot send songs that you have stored in the Music application from this option.

Video This option allows you to attach existing videos to a message. When you touch Video, it takes you to the Select Video screen where you choose the video you want to send.

Capture Video When you select this option the video function of your Android phone activates. Record the video you want to send (You'll learn more about recording videos in Chapter 4), and once the recording is finished choose Play to preview the video, Attach to add it to the message, or Cancel to start over from the beginning.

Record audio This option opens the audio recorder so that you can record your voice or other sounds to send in the message. On the screen that appears, press the circle to begin recording and the square to end the recording. A timer displays the length of the recording. After you've stopped the recording, touch Use This Recording to attach it to the message or touch Discard to start again.


Use the Attach menu to choose the multimedia files to add to your text messages.

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