Message Controls

In addition to account controls, you can access some message controls from within an email message. When you have an email message open, press the Menu key to open an additional menu of actions:

■ Delete—Deletes the message

■ Forward—Opens a forwarding message that you can address, add text to, and send

■ Reply All—Opens a reply message addressed to all recipients

■ Mark As Unread—Marks the message as unread and returns you to the inbox

Of course, a message that you're composing also has additional controls, just as you learned with Gmail. To access those controls, press the Menu key from within a message you're composing. A menu of options opens:

■ Add Cc/Bcc—Opens fields in the outgoing email so you can add recipients to be copied or blind-copied

■ Save As Draft—Saves the message as a draft

■ Discard—Discards the message without saving a draft

■ Add Attachment—Opens the Pictures file so that you can attach a picture to the message

The controls for email accounts set up through the email option are much the same as the controls for Gmail accounts. However, you'll find that you don't have as much control over these accounts. Still, if you're not a Gmail user and you don't want to become one, you don't have to be without email. This is a good option for adding accounts that you might have in addition to your Gmail account.

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