Managing Existing Contacts

I grew up as the daughter of a career military man. Military families tend to move a lot. That means new phone numbers and addresses every time you turn around. The joke with our friends and family was always that they put our family in their address book in pencil because they knew it would change soon.

I find that my personal contacts are much the same. People move, change phone numbers, make career changes, and even get married all the time. Life is in constant change, so it's helpful to be able to implement any changes in just a couple of touches.

The easiest way to change a contact is to long-touch the contact name, either in the Call Log or in the Contact list. A menu appears similar to the one shown in Figure 4.3. Select View Contact from the menu to go to the contact information page. Press the Menu key to open a menu of options; select Edit Contact. Then just change or add the desired information and touch Save.

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