Link Menus

In addition to these onscreen controls, you have some touch and navigation options. For example, when you're on a web page that contains web links, you can touch a link to navigate to that page, or you can long-touch that link to open a new menu of available actions. Those actions include the following:

Open—Opens the page.

Open in New Window—Opens the link in a new window.

Bookmark Link—Adds that link (not the page the link is on) to your bookmarks.

Save Link—Downloads a copy of the link to your download history. After it's there, you can go back and access the page offline when you're ready to view it. Note that when you choose this option, graphics won't display on the page when you load it.

Share Link—Sends the link to someone else using the email application that you have set up on your phone. You'll learn more about email on the Android Phone in Chapter 6, "Email Anywhere."

Copy Link URL—Copies the link address. You can then enter it into the web browser when you're finished looking over the page, or you can open a second page to open the link in.

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