Finding Your Music

Using the music application is pretty straightforward, especially because it's more spartan than most—you won't get confused by controls that have no apparent bearing on listening to music.

To log onto the music application, select the Music icon from the applications menu. The screen that opens (called the library—you saw it in Figure 8.1) has icons for the four ways you can sort your music on the Android phone:

■ Artists—Lists your music by artist, alphabetically

■ Albums—Lists your music by albums, alphabetically

■ Songs—Lists your music by songs, alphabetically

■ Playlists—Lists your music by playlists, alphabetically

From the library, you can touch any one of the different icons to access your music, but you also have a search option if you want to quickly find the right song.

To reach the search option, press the Menu key. Two options appear: Party Shuffle and Search. Touch Search to open a list of all the songs on the device. Then start typing the name of the song you want (using the slide-out keyboard); the list narrows according to what you're searching for. You can also open any of the four methods of sorting music and begin typing to find what you're looking for.

Once you find a song that you want to listen to, touch the name of the song to open the music player (see Figure 8.2).

As you can see from this variety, you're not limited to a specific format. The G1's music player enables you to access any music format that is DRM free.

, DRM free means that the music is free of digital rights management (DRM) software. yLi ¿Ij There are many companies now that sell DRM free music, and it can be downloaded in many places on the Internet.

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When you touch a song to play it, the player opens automatically and the song begins to play through your headphones or the built-in speaker on the device.

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