Finding Music with Amazon MP3

The other way to add music to your device is with the Amazon MP3 application, which comes preinstalled on the Android phone. To reach it, go to the applications menu and then touch the Amazon MP3 icon.

The Amazon MP3 website, shown in Figure 8.7, appears. Here you can browse, buy, and download DRM-free music.

You have several options to browse the music on Amazon. Buttons for Top 100 Albums, Top 100 Songs, Browse by Genre, and Search make it easy for you to find the music you're looking for. As you're browsing, you can touch the name of a song to play a short preview of it.


Use the Amazon MP3 site to browse, buy, and download music directly to your Android phone.

To purchase from Amazon MP3, you must have an Amazon account with a credit card or other payment method on file. When you find a song or album that you want to purchase, touch the Buy icon twice to go to a screen where you can log into your account.

After you've logged in, the purchase completes automatically and the download begins, as long as you're connected to a Wi-Fi network. Downloads won't complete over the wireless carrier's network, so if you make a purchase when you're not connected to a Wi-Fi network, the song will be queued but won't be downloaded until you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Don't try to download music from the Amazon MP3 site as long as your device is connected to your computer via USB cable. Even if you're connected to a Wi-Fi, the download won't be able to complete as long as there's a USB connection between your device and a computer, because the memory card in the device is busy. If you're trying to download music and get an error that your SD card is full or unavailable, try disconnecting the device from the USB connection. That should free up the memory card to accept the download.

After you've purchased downloads from Amazon MP3, you can view those orders on the Amazon website. To see them, log into your account and click My Account. Next click View Your Digital Orders from the list beneath Purchase History to see a list of all your digital orders, including the downloads that you've purchased from your device. From this screen, you can select orders to print invoices and review purchases.

Amazon MP3 gives you a convenient option for purchasing digital music for your Android phone. And it's easy enough to use that you won't spend hours trying to figure everything out. In minutes, you can add your songs, download them, and be listening to your favorite music on your Android phone.

After you've added music directly to your device, however, you may want to transfer it to your computer. That's easy, too. All you have to do is connect the device to your computer, and then drag the music files from the Music folder on the device to your My Music folder on your computer. You can also listen to the music on your computer using your favorite music application.

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