You can turn on Wi-Fi from within the Wi-Fi Settings screen.

7. When you select to enable Wi-Fi on the Wi-Fi Settings page, you should see a list of Wi-Fi Networks appear, as shown in Figure 5.5. Select your network.


If you've never connected to your Wi-Fi network (or if you're connecting to a different network than your own) and your network is secured, you'll receive a connection prompt requesting the password for your network. You can select the Show Password option to show the characters of the password you're entering instead of hiding them. When you've entered the network password, touch Connect to create your network connection.

8. When you've created a network connection, you will automatically be connected to that network each time your device is in range and your Wi-Fi capabilities are enabled.


Select your wireless network from the list of available networks.


Select your wireless network from the list of available networks.

Sometimes your network doesn't appear on the list of available networks. This can occur when you've created a new network and the device has not yet recognized it. To set up a new or unrecognized network so that you can connect to it, use these steps:

1. If your network isn't showing as an available network on the Wi-Fi Networks list, you can always add it by scrolling to the end of the list and touching Add a Wi-Fi Network.

2. The Add a Wi-Fi Network form appears. Enter the network Service Set Identifier (SSID—that's the name of the network).

3. From the Security drop-down menu, select the network security type.

4. Touch Save to add the network to the list.

5. Connect to the network using the same steps you used to connect to other networks.

Connecting to the Wi-Fi network is really that easy, and it's your key to being able to surf the Web without running up massive data transfer charges. The best part is that free Wi-Fi hotspots are widely available—in coffeehouses, restaurants, hotels, and even some businesses. Now that you're connected, you can start surfing (and everything else that comes along with a Wi-Fi connection).

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