My Location Sources enables you to select whether you want to use the GPS capabilities, in addition to other options.

4. When you're finished, press the Home key to save your settings and return to the Home screen.

A third-party application makes it easier to enable or disable GPS, Bluetooth, and a handful of other capabilities. The application, called Toggle Settings, enables you to toggle on and off the different networking services and some of the different settings on your phone (such as brightness and vibrate). If you place a shortcut to the application on your Home screen, you can turn services on or off with two touches, in most cases. You can find Toggle Settings in the Android Market.

Adding a shortcut to your Home screen is easy. Just open the applications menu and long-touch the application for which you want to add a shortcut. When you feel the device vibrate briefly, drag the icon to the Home screen. If you want to remove the icon, long-touch it again until the device vibrates, drag it to the application menu launcher (which changes to look like a trash can), and release it. The shortcut is removed from your Home screen.

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