Use the Bluetooth Settings menu to turn Bluetooth on, to make it discoverable, or to see what devices you have a pairing relationship with.

YeIIOYY Remember that currently you can use the Android phone only with Bluetooth headsets, not with other Bluetooth devices. Although you might be able to pair the Android phone with other devices, attempting to transfer files between them will result in an error. Hopefully, Bluetooth applications that support additional Bluetooth capabilities will be added to the Android Market in the future.

Enabling and disabling the GPS system works the same way; however, those controls are located in a slightly different spot. Chapter 7, "Getting Around with GPS and Google Maps," further explains the device's GPS capabilities and associated applications. For now, these steps will help you enable or disable your GPS capabilities:

1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key and select Settings. Alternatively, from the Home screen, touch the Applications menu and then select Settings.

2. The Settings screen opens. Touch Security and Location.

3. The My Location Sources screen, shown in Figure 5.3, opens. To enable GPS, touch the checkbox to the right of Enable GPS Satellites to place a check mark in it. To disable it, touch the box again to remove the check mark.

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