Figure 516

Each bookmarked link has an individual menu that enables you to open, edit, and delete the bookmark.

More options appear on this menu than just editing and deleting. The full list of menu options includes the following:

■ Open—Opens the bookmarked URL in the same browser window that you're currently using.

■ Open in New Window—Opens the bookmarked URL in a new browser window, preserving the browser window that you're currently using.

■ Edit Bookmark—Opens the Bookmark Link window to enable you to edit the name or URL of the bookmark.

■ Share Link—Opens a Gmail message to enable you to send the link to someone else. Enter the email address of the intended recipient, add a subject and body text if you want, and then touch Send to send the message with the link included.

■ Copy Link URL—Copies the URL to the Clipboard so you can paste it in a different location.

■ Delete Bookmark—Deletes the bookmark completely. When deleted, the only way to add back a bookmark is to re-create it from scratch. When you select the delete option, you receive a confirmation message before the bookmark is deleted completely.

One last option on the Bookmarks page that you might find useful is the capability to bookmark the last page you viewed. From the Bookmarks page, press the Menu key. The option Bookmark Last-Viewed Page comes up. Touch that option to open the Bookmark Link window. As with creating a new bookmark, the bookmark information is already filled in. All you have to do is ensure that it's correct.

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