You manage your Bluetooth connectivity and settings from the Wireless Controls screen.

Just because you have Bluetooth enabled doesn't mean that you're connected to another device. To connect the Android phone with a wireless device, you need to go into the Bluetooth Settings menu. When you touch Bluetooth Settings, it opens the Bluetooth Settings menu, shown in Figure 5.2. If you want your device to be discoverable by other devices, touch the checkbox to the right of Discoverable to enable that feature. To turn off discoverability, touch the box again. If you want to have other devices connected to the Android phone, the Discoverable option must be selected.

The Bluetooth settings page also shows your device name and a list of the Bluetooth devices that you have paired with. If you no longer want to connect with a device on that list, long-touch the device name, and then select Unpair. This removes the pairing relationship. You can also long-touch a device name to connect to it.

To pair the Android phone with another Bluetooth device, make sure it's discoverable, and then put the other device in pairing mode. That device should recognize the Android phone; then you're prompted on the Android phone to create the pairing. Select the Pairing option and enter the security code (if one exists); the pairing then is complete. After you've paired a device with the Android phone, they will pair up automatically each time the device is operational and the Android phone is discoverable.

Bluetooth settings

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