Fill in the New Contact form to create a new contact on your phone.

5. Enter the phone number. You can also touch the white number-type indicator to the left of the phone number to select a different type of phone:




Work fax

Home fax




6. Add an email address, if you want to include it. Again, you can use the type indicator box to the left of the email address to indicate the type of email address you want to add: Home, Work, Other, or Custom.

YeHDW When you choose the Other option when designating a number or email address type, your only option is to have Other displayed as the type. However, you can select Custom to bring up a new window that enables you to type a custom label for that phone number or email address.

7. Choose a ringtone for the contact. If you want to use the same ringtone for all your calls, leave the Default option selected.

8. Select or deselect the option Send Calls Directly to Voice Mail. Just touch the checkbox to the right of the option to place a check mark in the box or to remove the check mark from the box.

9. Add + More Info. If you have contact information for this contact that you haven't found a field for, you can add it here. You can include such additional information as this:

Phone—Additional Home, Mobile, Work, Work Fax, Home Fax, Pager, Other, and custom numbers

Email—Additional Home, Work, Other, or Custom email addresses

IM—Specific IM identities for AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo!, Skype, QQ, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber

Postal address—Postal addresses for Home, Work, Other, and Custom

Other—Additional information such as Organizational information and Notes

10. You can also remove any field in the contact file that has a red X to the right of the field. Just touch the X to remove the field.

11. When you've finished entering your contact's information, touch the Save option to save the contact. You then return to the main Contacts screen. If you change your mind about creating the contact, you can touch Discard Changes to have the form discarded and return to the main Contacts list.

Using the New Contact form isn't the only way to add contacts to your phone. You can also add a contact using these methods:

■ From the Dialer—Enter the number that you want to add to your contacts using the onscreen dialer, and then press the Menu key. Touch Add to Contacts, and then enter the contact information and save it.

■ From the Call log—Long-touch a number on the Call log to open a menu of options available for that number. Touch Add to Contacts, and then enter and save the contact information.

■ From Messaging Capabilities—When you're creating a text message or multimedia message, or even sending an IM, you can add the recipient of that message to your Contacts, too. Just long-touch the username, phone number, or email address. A menu appears. Select Add to Contacts, and then enter the contact information and save it.

■ From the Browser—When you're browsing the Web, you can long-touch a phone number to bring up a menu of additional options (including Dial, Add Contact, and Copy). Touch Add Contact, and then enter and save the contact information.

You can also add a number to an existing contact by typing the number into the Dialer or long-pressing a number in your call log. Then press the Menu key and touch Add to Contacts. You then move to the contact list; select the name of the contact to which you'd like to add the number, and you move to the contact information screen. Make any necessary changes—such as changing the number type—and then touch Save to save the updated information and return to your contacts list.

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