The Share Picture Via menu gives you options for the different ways you can send media files to other people, including core applications and third-party apps.

Select Messaging to send a multimedia text message. Then you'll see the blank message. Add a recipient, insert any text you want to include, and press Send. As with a regular text message, you should see sending status and notification icons.

One more note about messaging with the Android phone. It can save your messages as a draft. If you're in the midst of creating a message and the phone rings, a draft is automatically saved to the device. When you're ready to finish the message, just go to that message thread and you'll see the Draft notation, in red beside the message. Just tap it to continue editing the message.

With the capabilities of the Android phone, you can add files and create messages in convenient ways for whatever task you're performing at the time. You're also not limited to text messages and multimedia messages—the Android phone comes with instant messaging capabilities as well.

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