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This category depends the most on the user's individual taste. Many users prefer action-based "shoot 'em up" games, whereas others (like me!) prefer more traditional and cerebral games, such as chess. The entertainment category also encompasses more than just games; other advanced programs can appeal as well, such as the built-in MP3 player.

■ Abduction—With impressive graphics, this is an addictive game involving cute little cows jumping from platform to platform until aliens can rescue them. It may sound corny, and it is, but it is a great time-waster when you have the time to waste. Abduction makes good use of the built-in accelerometer, sensing your tilt of the device in order to adjust the jumps. Beware of one thing—this game is so addictive that you may have difficulty getting back to work after a relaxing coffee break spent playing it.

■ Bonsai Blast—By Glu Mobile, this game has great sound effects and the graphics are as impressive as the Abduction game. It is a puzzle game with plenty of bonuses and power-ups to keep you busy while time passes at the Dentist's office. The objective of the game is to clear out all of the colored balls before they reach the "yin yang" at the end of the level.

■ Chess for Android—This free program by Aart Bik plays a very entertaining game of the classic Persian game of chess. You don't even have to play chess to have a good time with it: You can set it to play itself while you watch the successive moves. Powerful, fast, and with good-looking graphics, this is an impressive advanced application.

■ Doom for Android—This is a port of the wonderful old PC shoot 'em up game that was popular in the 90s. The G1 has more than enough computer power to make the scrolling smooth and keep the game interesting. You have the option to load several different game plans (called "WADs") as well as options that include playing the game in a full screen mode and hearing action/adventure sounds while you play. As with all of the games listed here, Doom for Android, which is free, can be downloaded from the Android Market.

■ MP3 player—What is a good cellphone without the built-in capability to play your favorite 'toons? The T-Mobile G1 and its Android music player give you a quality MP3 player. You can even keep entire album collections in your cellphone using large-capacity SD cards (8GB and above) to hold MP3 files.

You also can store and play many more audio files. Podcasts, audio books, Bibles (such as those narrated by Sir Alexander Scourby), university lectures, church sermons, and more are available for download from numerous websites.

If you're an audiophile, the built-in Android MP3 player might quickly become your favorite advanced application.

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