Editing and Deleting Events

Appointments change all the time, so to be truly useful, you need a way to change or delete appointments on your calendar. You've got one. To delete or change an event, you must be in that event, or at least at a level that's far enough down to select the event specifically. That means that in the Month view, you have to select the day of the appointment that you want to change or delete. When you're at the level where you can select the appointment, follow these steps to make changes or to delete it:

1. From any screen where you can select the appointment to be changed or deleted, long-touch the appointment. This opens a menu of available options for that day, including the options Edit Event or Delete Event.

2. To delete the event, select Delete Event. A confirmation message appears to ensure that you actually want to delete the event. If you do, touch OK. If you change your mind, you can also touch Cancel to return to the previous screen.

3. To edit an event, touch the Edit Event option. This takes you to the same screen you saw when you created the event. Make whatever changes you need to make, and then touch Save. If you change your mind about the changes you're making, you can also select Discard Changes or you can delete the appointment completely by touching Delete.

When something changes, just change the event, or even delete it completely. Just be cautious—when you delete something, it's gone for good. The only way to replace it is to re-create it.

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