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Eclipse is an IDE for developing applications. It is a preferred development platform for creating applications on many platforms such as JDK and Aptana. You can use Eclipse to develop desktop and mobile applications using the JDK integration. It's an open source application that IBM originally developed. It has a good plug-in model that easily integrates other tools. Although this isn't required when creating Android applications, using an IDE simplifies your development process by providing easy access to most of the tools available in the Android SDK. An IDE also provides syntax highlighting, code completion, running and debugging environments for testing your application, and other useful features. You can download the Eclipse IDE from (From this point on, we assume you are using version 3.4 of Eclipse, also known as "Ganymede.")

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a development environment that provides easy access to tools used during application development. At minimum, an IDE includes an editor (to write code) and a compiler (to compile code). It can also contain debuggers, testing tools, and access to version-control tools.

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