Eclipse, 192-193

applications, 203-205 troubleshooting, 262

Eclipse Run As dialog box, 205 EcoRio, 36 Edit option, 143 editing contacts, 68-70

email, 123 events, 76 labels, 125

spell-checking, 237-238 Eich, Brendan, 234 email, 113. See also Gmail applications, 35 editing, 123 services, 131-135 emulators starting, 263 troubleshooting, 261 Enable Gears option, 110 Enable JavaScript option, 108 enabling

Bluetooth, 87 GPS, 87

Street View, 146 encryption, 231. See also security end key, 24 engines, TTS, 37 entertainment, 251 games, 163-164 music, 152-161 YouTube, 161-163 error handling, mobile web applications, 232-233 events adding, 75 editing, 76

existing contacts, managing, 68-70

extendable applications, 187

Video Marketing Traffic Tactics

Video Marketing Traffic Tactics

Within this guide you will be learning some of the following tactcis Demonstrate how to use your products, Give a complete and accurate picture of what you are selling, Convey how important the customer is to you, Demonstrate the unique qualities of your product, Put testimonials in your video, Back up your printed information with the video, Use every aspect of video, Make it compelling, Think hard about how your video is presented, Reuse old video to make something new, Keep your video professional, Do not overwhelm the consumer, Tailor the video to your target market, Get creative, Place it wisely and much more.

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