Connecting with Contacts

If you'll use your phone most to make calls and send messages, the Contacts application is probably the one you'll access the most. This application is designed to hold all the information you'll need for the people you communicate with. That includes multiple types of contact methods:

■ Phone numbers

■ Email addresses

■ Postal addresses

■ Company names

■ Notes about the contact

In addition to the contact information, you can set numbers to dial by default when you choose a contact, choose individual ringtones, and even send calls from a specific contact directly to voice mail. No more irritating solicitors: Just relegate them to voice mail land, and your phone won't even ring.

To get to your contacts, touch the Contacts icon on the Home screen of your phone. Alternatively, you can touch the onscreen Menu and select the Contacts icon.

As you saw in Chapter 3, "Basic Use of Your Android Phone," the Contacts application is tied in with the Dialer, the Call Log, and your Favorite contacts. They're all different tabs on a single application. That integration makes it easier for you to communicate with your Contacts, but it also makes it easier to add new Contacts based on messages or calls that you've received.

The Contacts screen, shown in Figure 4.1, lists all the contacts that you have stored in your phone. On this screen, you'll see the names of your contacts and the default phone number that you use for them. Scroll through the list by dragging your finger up the page, or you can touch the small gray scroll handle to quickly scroll through your list alphabetically. When you scroll, each letter of the alphabet is displayed onscreen and as you scroll through those letters those contacts whose names start with that letter appear.

Dialer Tall log


Mobile 555-1712

Dialer Tall log


Mobile 555-1712

Mobile 535-1313

Aunt LaVern

Mobile 555-1111


Mobile 555-1415

Bayou Physicians

Mobile 555-1515

Beckie And David

Mobile 555-1615

0 0

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