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The basic use of your Android phone phone is pretty straightforward. Most screens on the phone are easy to navigate, and on most screens, the Menu button gives you additional options. You should find it easy to become familiar with making calls, sending messages, and even syncing your application data.

When you're familiar with these actions, you can really get into the fun parts of the phone: the applications. That's what we start covering in the next part of this book. Part II, "The Applications," is all about applications, and Chapter 4, "Core Applications," is your first in-depth look at an application. In Chapter 4, you'll get really familiar with the core applications. That means covering all the capabilities. Let's get to it.

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The Applications

In this part:

■ Core Applications

■ Email Anywhere

■ Getting Around with GPS and Google Maps

■ Breaking Boredom with Entertainment Options

■ Adding Applications to Your Device

Google Phones are a pretty cool phone, but let's be honest: It's not what Android is all about. The phone is a device that will change so quickly that it's hard to get up-to-speed on one phone before the next is available. Android is really about the applications.

This part of the book looks at those applications more closely. In Chapter 4, "Core Applications," you'll get the lowdown on how to use some of the basic applications installed on the phone.

In Chapter 5, "Going Online," you'll see how to get online and use the Internet for both fun and function. Chapter 6, "Email Anywhere," extends that with an explanation of how to use the available mobile email services, including an in-depth look at Gmail mobile. Chapter 7, "Getting Around with GPS and Google Maps," takes you through Google Maps and some of the new features that were released with the Android phone.

Chapters 8, "Breaking Boredom with Entertainment Options," and 9, "Adding Applications to Your Device," round out this part of the book. In Chapter 8, you'll learn about the available entertainment applications, including music, videos, and a few games thrown in. And in Chapter 9, we walk through how to add new applications to your Android phone using the Android Market.

The applications really are the meat of any Android-based phone, so you'll have a lot of fun with this section. You'll be amazed at what's out there and what you can do with it. So why wait any longer? Let's see the goodies.

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