Closing the Door

Email is a requirement for most people these days—and mobile email is quickly becoming a requirement. Fortunately, the Android phone has two options for email. Gmail, the first option, works well with the Android platform, giving you an email solution that's not only useful, but also pretty powerful in mobile terms.

But if you're not a Gmail user and you don't want to become one, you're not left out in the cold. A second email option enables you to set up email accounts from other providers. The controls for those accounts also are similar to the controls in Gmail; you just don't get all the functionality.

Now that you know how to manage your email, we can move on to something else. The next chapter delves into Google Maps and how it works with the Android-based Android phone. We also look at the GPS capabilities of the device more closely, so keep reading—we've got a lot of interesting stuff in store for you.

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