Capturing Video

Capturing video is a pretty straightforward task on the Android phone. From the menu, simply choose Camcorder. Remember, you can also put the Camcorder icon on the Home screen so that you don't have to dig into the menu to find it.

Once you touch the Camcorder icon, the video recording software that was added to Android 1.5 automatically boots up. You'll see a small film icon in the upper right corner (if you're viewing your screen in landscape; if you're viewing it in portrait mode, then the button is in the lower right corner). Touch this button to begin recording.

While you're recording, the film icon changes to a white button with a red dot in the center of it and a timer on the left side. This just indicates that you're recording and how long you have been recording. When you want to stop the video, simply press the button again to stop it.

Another thing you'll notice on your video screen is the small square on the left corner of the screen (again, that's if you're in landscape mode; if you're in portrait mode, it will be in the upper right corner). This is simply a preview of the previous video that you took. When you're recording, it disappears, and reappears when you stop recording.

If you want to preview your video when you're done recording, touch the preview window to open the last video you completed. This automatically switches to that video and four options appear: Gallery (which takes you to the video gallery), Play (plays the video), Share (allows you to share the video using MMS, YouTube or email), and Delete (deletes the video from your phone).

Press the Menu button while you're in the video recorder to open another menu that gives you three options: Switch to camera, Gallery, or Settings. The first two options are pretty self explanatory, but the Settings option allows you to change whether you want to have the location the video is taken along

83 f with the video and it allows you to select the video quality. You'll want to use the high quality setting if you just plan to take the videos and store them on your phone, or the low video quality when you want to send the video via some form of messaging.

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