As you surf the Web, you're sure to find pages that you want to return to at another time. The browser has a bookmark option that you can find by pressing the Menu key.

To add a bookmark, press the Menu key. Then when the Bookmarks menu shown in Figure 5.14 appears, touch the New Bookmark option.

The Bookmark Link window appears, as shown in Figure 5.15. Enter a Name for the bookmark if you don't want the one that's suggested, and then check the Location to be sure it's the URL you want to bookmark. If it's not, you can change it. When you're done, touch OK to save the bookmark.

One option that you won't find on the Bookmarks page is the option to manage your bookmarks—rearrange, edit, and delete them. You can edit and delete them, but you can't rearrange them. The order in which the bookmarks appear in the window is the order in which you've entered them, from oldest to newest, and that's the only order option that you have.

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